We offer personal training, semi-privates, and remote coaching – we’ve got you covered!



One-on-one training will help you reach your individual health and fitness goals.


Our recovery offerings will help keep you moving well and feeling great.


Reach your fitness goals whenever you are with a plan tailored just for you.

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Every client is different – goals, strengths, weaknesses, and motivators.  A one-on-one environment can be the best way to get your ideal fitness experience.

Whether you’re preparing for an event, working on an area of weakness, or just prefer that level of individual attention, Personal Training can meet your needs.

We want you to enjoy your workout but we also want you to see results!  Your program will be designed to challenge you every step of the way to avoid plateaus and always make progress.

Personal Training can also be a great supplement to a consistent Team Training membership.

Schedule a personal training session to work with our certified trainers for a fitness experience unique to you.

Want to put in some hard work and get a good sweat going with your spouse or a friend?  Set up some time for a small group or semi-private training session with our certified trainers.

Sessions are available in 30-minute and 60-minute sessions.


Even when done right, training can leave you tight, sore and achy.  Our goal is to keep you moving well and feeling great. Sometimes that requires some special attention.  Our recovery offerings include:

Sports Massage Therapy – Work with a certified sports massage therapist to help identify problem areas and work to improve range of motion, pain and tightness.  This is a comprehensive approach to exercise recovery & maintenance.

Normatec Air Compression Therapy – Treat muscle soreness in your lower body with our Normatec Compression Sleeves.  When under compression, more blood reaches parts of your body to decrease recovery time from muscle damage.  Normatec products can be found in training rooms across professional & collegiate sports.

Theragun & Stretch – Just feeling a little tight?  Schedule a 15-30 minutes session for a full body stretch, Theragun massage treatment & body tempering.  

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