There are a lot of people around town talking about the Fitness BootCamp at Infinity Fitness.

And there’s a good reason for that…

It is a 45 minute a day all-in-one fitness and fat loss program.

It’s producing great results for all of the people who are members in the BootCamp.

This page is a resource to learn about the BootCamp and how to thrive in the program.  Its an aggregate of some of the most useful pages and posts that relate to getting in awesome shape in the Fitness BootCamp program.

Getting Started:

Learning a bit about the theory behind the BootCamp program can really help understand why the workouts are created the way they are.

Once you actually get started in BootCamp one of the first things that can happen is you experience muscle soreness after each workout.  Don’t worry, that’s normal.  You should stay active and read this blog post to learn how to lessen the soreness


Exercise Technique:

A very important part about doing BootCamp safely and effectively is knowing the proper exercise technique.  The instructors always come around to make sure everyone is doing the exercise correctly, but sometimes a refresher in a different environment can be helpful.

We use quite a few different types of workout tools and one of the favorites is the kettle bell.  This allows for non-stop dynamic movement that works a bunch of muscles at once and results in a great amount of calories burned!

A very important aspect of overall fitness and health is having a strong core.  Strength starts at the core and goes outwards.  The exercise that is used as a staple in our program is the plank hold.

One of the great all around exercises that we use in BootCamp is the push up.  It really strengthens and tones the upper body and core

Finally, after strengthening the upper body you are going to need to strengthen your legs and back and one of our weapons of choice is the deadlift exercise.

Staying Consistent

If you can’t make it in on certain days because of children, work, vacation or any other obligation its a good idea to try to keep on your current program.