COVid-19 Safety guidelines

We have been certified by the State of Connecticut Department of Economic & Commercial Development to re-open the gym and will be following the required protocols.

Thank you in advance for adhering to the following guidelines and making sure everyone is safe and comfortable during their workout.

This is going to be an adjustment for all of us.  It is our goal to be the best fitness experience no matter the circumstance.  We won’t let these guidelines take away from the fun, high-energy environment you are used to at Infinity Fitness.

Please be patient with us as we navigate so many unknowns and first times. Our hope is to create a seamless reopening, however, we know there will be bumps in the road. We are always working to get better for you guys and that won’t change.

We hope you’re all as excited as us to get back in the gym!


If you, or any of your family members, are exhibiting any sort of symptoms, please avoid the gym until 14 days after symptoms subside.

Social Distancing

All members and staff must maintain a minimum distance of six feet apart while in the facility.


Everyone will be required to wear a mask or face covering upon entry into the gym. Due to the limited square footage in our gym, we have been required to do so by the state.

If you forget to bring one, we will have masks available for you.

Class Size

Classes will be limited to eight (8) people. This is the maximum number of people we can train while adhering to social distancing requirements.

Each class participant and the class coach will have a designated workout area outlined in tape.

Class reservations

To be able to manage headcount, it is imperative that all members begin reserving their spot in advance through our Zen Planner app.

Registration will be opened 48 hours before class and closed 2 hours before class.

If there are still spots available after the 2-hour cutoff, we will allow walk-ins to fill those spots.  However, if you arrive and class is already at capacity, you will not be permitted to enter class.


The length of classes will be reduced to a maximum of forty (40) minutes to allow plenty of time for the cleaning of equipment between classes.


We are no longer able to offer the use of our exercise mats. You are welcome to bring your own mat.

Also, members will only be permitted to use the bottle filler portion of the fountain and must bring their own water bottle.


Each piece of equipment must be wiped clean before and after each individual use. We will provide spray bottles and wipes for each class member.


Please hang out in cars or parking lot until at least 5 minutes before class start.

Please fill spots farthest away from the entry door first to reduce people walking past each other. We know that many of you have your favorite spots and the thought of not getting that spot is awful, however, we need everyone to do their part to help us out.

Once the class is over, please exit promptly. I know that’s so weird to say but our trainers will need that time to prepare class for the next group.

You can talk about how awesome the workout was and socialize in the parking lot 🙂


We will no longer be providing a storage cubby at the front of the gym. Please leave all non-essential items in the car. Anything you can’t leave in your car must stay inside your individual training area.


As a staff, our goal is to meet or exceed the safety requirements put forth by the state. All trainers will help members get things wiped down before and after use. Trainers will also sanity the group training area between classes.

In addition to that, we’ve contracted with a commercial cleaning company to perform a specialized COVID-19 sanitization process recommended by the CDC. This is a non-mandatory service we have opted into to go above and beyond to keep the space safe.

Class schedule

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