Student Athletes Training at a different level.

Our flagship training program takes a revolutionary, yet very logical approach to improving our athlete’s performance.  By undergoing our signature analysis we are able to find the attributes that will help bring up the overall skill level of each athlete.

Whether it is an improvement in strength and size or an increase in agility and speed, we know that by improving on any lagging abilities we will create a better and higher performing athlete.

We focus on safely teaching and developing the essentials of speed, strength and agility.

We know that becoming a high level competitive athlete takes a focused effort and carefully composed training program.  That is why our athletes are kept in small groups with other athletes of similar abilities.

Our training programs consist of both in-season and out-of-season training with focuses towards performance peaking and injury prevention.

To see if your athlete is a good fit for our program just click here or give us a call at 203-202-9630

You can also see what other people are saying about their experience in our program:


Darien Varsity Lacrosse
My name is Rock , and I am a 16 year- old sophomore at Darien High School in Darien CT. At the high school last year, as a freshman, I was on the Freshman, JV and Varsity Lacrosse team, and I played varsity basketball and football during the fall and winter. I started training with Zach at the beginning of December last year, during football season, and before then I was athletic, on all the “a” teams around town; but Zach has turned me into an athlete.

Before I started training with him, I was a decently strong kid, but relied heavily on the mental part of the game. Now, almost a year later, I have turned into a machine. I attribute my varsity lacrosse time to him. He has helped me improve not only on the field and in the weight room, but in the classroom as well, just due to the fact that I feel so much better. 

Training with Zach is a completely different experience than training in the weight room on your own, or with your team. His methods are different. It isn’t your everyday bench, squat and clean routine. We do things with muscles I didn’t even know I had, until they seemed to be growing by the day out of my torso, legs, neck and shoulders.


The results of training with Zach are monumental. Speed, strength, balance and stamina are a few of the benefits of training with him, and those only scratch at the surface. If you asked me why I would continue training with Zach, my response would not be the athletic results, nor the GPA boost since training with him (and I’m talking from a 3.9 to a 4.3), but the fact that he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and someone to really look up to. He is the man.


Darien Girls Lacrosse Training

My name is Phebe  and I am 18 years old.

I play varsity lacrosse at Bucknell university. I am a midfielder so I have always been good at running, but once I started training with Zach I immediately noticed that my endurance got better, I was a bigger presence on the field because I was stronger, and my first step was a lot quicker.

I like training with Zach not only because he very clearly knows what he’s doing but also because he pushes me to do my best and cares about seeing actual results with all of his athletes.

I see a huge difference with him and past trainers I have had. After training all summer with Zach, fitness was not an issue once I got to Bucknell and started fall ball. I was well prepared for all of the fitness tests and my game improved a lot.