Creating Tomorrow’s Stars

Our Motor Skill Development program is your child’s introduction to moving and acting like an athlete.

Your child will learn to improve coordination, balance and stability.  We will teach proper technique and abilities that pave the way for improved speed, power, agility and quickness.

We purposely work in small groups with other children of similar abilities so that your child never feels singled out and gets all of the attention needed to thrive and progress within the program.

As a truly unique program the Motor Skill Development program goes much further than any other program for children of this age: we focus on creating cognitive connections and psychomotor skill development.

At a young age we know that children are at a sensitive time of their development, this is why we aim to help each child instill a sense of confidence and focus while maintaining a fun environment.

To contact us and see if your child would be a good fit for our program please click here or simply give us a call at 203-202-9630

You can also take a look at what others have to say about our Motor Skill Development program:

Jack and John

Our boys, Jack (age 11) and John (age 9) have been training weekly with Zach for 2 months now, and we already see great results.  Jack is an aspiring athlete, while John needs work on muscle and coordination development due to sensory weaknesses.

Even though the core reason for each boy differs for why they go see Zach – the results overall all point to similar great positives – they both have “a lot of fun” each session while acknowledging that they “get a lot of work done;” they think Zach is “a great guy;” they feel their “strength, speed and agility has improved;” and John’s confidence level in his abilities has gone up exponentially.  He no longer avoids participating in group physical activities whether it be sports, recess games, or physical games in the yard with the neighboring kids.  He’s happily willing to try new things whereas before he never put himself out there.

Each child is unique in what their needs and goals are and for what they are trying to achieve – and with Zach you get extreme tailor-made sessions to suit each child individually enabling them to maximize their potential and results – specific results one could not achieve just doing general sports’ camps, group clinics, etc.  

There are no “cookie-cutter” workouts with Zach – he really takes time to observe your child, get to know them, and creates a challenging and productive workout for them each and every time with results seen almost immediately!