• Infinity Athletics is the Student Athlete program at Infinity Fitness. We take the same efficient and thoughtful approach to training athletes from 10 years of age up through College

  • Infinity Athletics training sessions are kept to a limited size so that your child gets the needed attention from their coach.

  • At Infinity Athletics we thoughtfully create workouts specifically catered to the sport, and when appropriate position, that your athlete plays. This way they are improving their physical skills during each workout

  • The Infinity Athletics program is conveniently scheduled after school and during the weekends so that your Athlete has multiple options of when to get their training done.

  • At Infinity Athletics we know that working with young people is more than just improving strength, speed and agility to improve on the field, it is also about improving who they are as people off of the field.


When your child joins the Infinity Athletics program they will be working closely with our coaches to improve their strength, speed, and agility.  In addition to improving their sport performance they will also learn the benefits of a disciplined approach to health and exercise.

Whether your child is just learning the basics of sports and movement or preparing to compete at the highest levels the range of programs offered by Infinity Athletics will be able to help improve their skills and abilities.

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