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Gym Location

Infinity Fitness Darien is located at 264 Heights Rd in Darien, CT

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The gym is conveniently located off of Exit 10 from I-95 and directly across the street from the Noroton Heights Metro North Train Station.

Darien Gym

If you need directions you can call the Front Desk at 203-202-9630

Gym Story


The Darien location of Infinity Fitness is the first location opened by company owner Dave Peterson.  Having started his own business in 2009 he spent the first two years travelling to client’s homes and outdoor locations to train privately and in groups.  He built a reputation for getting results for his clients and the client base grew large enough that he knew getting a physical presence in town was needed.

In May of 2011 Infinity Fitness was officially opened at 264 Heights Rd. since that time the training staff has grown and so has the reputation of Infinity Fitness to be the best facility in Darien when it comes to delivering results.

Gym Tour

Upon walking into the facility the first thing many people notice is the sign put up behind the front desk and it sets the tone when it comes to what to expect from us and what we expect from our clients.

Darien Gym Sign

Seeing the admin at the front desk to check-in will get you all setup for your training session.

You will notice that our training floor is open and spacious.  We have all the necessary equipment to get you in amazing shape and nothing else.  We have a small selection of cardio equipment, sufficient machines and plenty of free weights.

Darien Fitness Center Darien Weight Loss

We have all of the right equipment to get our clients in amazing shape, but we also have some specialty selections of equipment that you won’t find at any commercial gyms.  We are proud to say that the majority of our equipment comes from American companies on the cutting edge of the industry such as Rogue Fitness, EliteFTS and Legend Fitness.  Some of these specialty pieces are able to accomodate programs designed for high level strength and power, high level athletics as well as programs designed for building muscle mass.

Darien Athletic Training

We hold our Team Training workouts at the back of the facility on our very own 20 yard indoor track.  This surface is great to workout on and provides extra cushion for the joints so that you can work hard without worrying about your knees and back taking any abuse.

Darien Personal Training

The other obvious benefit of the track is that it’s great to do some running on!


We also have locker room and shower facilities available for those who need to get showered up after their workout.

Gym Programs

We run two different programs at Infinity Fitness: our Team Training and Personal Training Programs.

Our Team Training Program is an amazing leap forward in fitness training.  The first thing we decided to do was take all of the benefits of a private training program: working with a certified trainer, having an evolving training program, periodic assessments and private meetings to go over goals.

Then we combined it with all of the benefits of training in a group: the fun, excitement and motivation of working with a group of likeminded people that will support you and push you to the next level.


The important thing that most people miss is that this is a training program.  It’s not a workout class.  It isn’t interval class, it isn’t bootcamp class, it isn’t tabata class or TRX class or kettlebell class.  It can’t be boxed into a specific name because what we do changes from day to day and the program is constantly evolving.

The end result of all of these features is a revolutionary program that delivers results that speak for themselves.

Our Personal Training program is the best way to guarantee you are going to get in great shape.  Working one on one with one of our certified trainers will give you a complete game plan to get you to your goals.


We work with people in a manner that goes far beyond what a typical gym would do.

A typical gym will have a trainer see you for a few hours per week and leave the rest up to you.  We take a completely different approach.

We know that most people are aware that they should workout and eat right to get in shape.

We dive into the problem and look at things such as: nutrition, lifestyle design, hormonal factors, past injury considerations.  We work extremely close with our clients, to make sure that they are given the exact road map to success and that we are there to help them every step of the way.

Hour long workouts a few times per week won’t get you in shape.  Our Personal Training program will.

You can check out some more photos in the gallery below and when you are ready to get started you can get in touch with us by calling us at 203-202-9630 or by emailing us here.