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David Peterson Darien Gym Owner


I lost 18lbs in 8 weeks working out with Dave! I didn’t think I could lose weight that quickly at my age especially since I work full time in the city and travel often, but he provided me with everything I needed to keep me motivated and dropping pounds! The workouts we do are challenging, fun and definitely effective!
-Mike F

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Dave never uses the same workout; he always mixes it up and keeps it interesting. He just knows how much weight I can handle and encourages me to lift what I’m capable of. I’m 51 and my bone density is that of a 20 year old! No more back pain, either. Dave treats me like a real person, not just an old middle-aged mommy.
-Lesley B

I am a 44 year old ex basketball player and recently had two hip resurfacing procedures. I have been working with Dave for the past year and he has been instrumental in improving my strength, flexibility and overall conditioning. His sessions are creative, well researched and consistent with the goals of the client. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic and has been a key element to my rehabilitation and my return to other athletic endeavors.
-John H

Dave is a great motivator. He challenges me to do exercises that I didn’t think I could do. He has a warm, energenic personality that makes working out fun, even at 5AM! I highly recommend him.
-Josey G

I have been doing bootcamp for over three months and love it. Each workout that Dave designs is different. He finds unique ways to target all of your muscle groups and you leave feeling like you worked hard. There are no mirrors on the wall which is a huge plus as other gyms tend to have too many. I started going one day a week, but love it so much that sometimes I am there three days a week.
-Kim A

Having worked with several trainers over the past few years, I can definitely say that Dave has been the most knowledgeable and professional of all of them. He has a vast knowledge of cutting-edge cardio, boxing and weight lifting routines. Plus, he’s an overall great guy to work with. If you’re thinking about changing/getting a trainer, he’s definitely worth calling.
-Joe W

Dave has done a great job of getting me down to my playing weight and helping me build my strength. We work all aspects of fitness and nutrition. Dave’s fitness regime helps me keep up (and carry) my three younger children…..
-Matt I

I’ve trained weekly with Dave Peterson for over two years and could not be happier. He is a complete professional in every respect. Our weekly programs are well thought out and offer enough variety to maintain my interest. Dave seems to have a sixth sense to know just how far to stretch my capabilities. I’ve been tremendously satisfied with the results Dave has helped me achieve and recommend him without reservation.
-Chris C

Dan Peterson Darien Personal Trainer


Kyle Rilett Darien BootCamp Instructor

I have been training with Kyle and following his weight loss methods which have really made a huge impact. Kyle pushed me to work harder than I had ever worked out. Kyle incorporates both cardiovascular and weight training in every session. He absolutely understands how my body works and what exercises I needed to do to change my body and lose the weight. I am shocked at how much Kyle has motivated me through his no bull $hit approach to getting in shape & loosing weight.
I have lost more than 10 pounds while following Kyke’s exercise and nutrition regime. He is an asS kicker who doesn’t want to be your best friend but wants you to meet your goals and has high expectations of you. This is motivating!! We don’t chat and bull$hit around for the session. Instead he works me out hard and hold me accountable for my diet. Kyle puts me on his scale once a week. Bottom line is he is a serious trainer who will get you in great condition and will motivate you to reach your goals … And beyond.

Susan P.

Linda Stephens Darien Fitness Instructor

I love, love Linda…for me she has been the most effective trainer I have ever had. I am not a gym person and I have really been motivated to go to her boot camp classes and even try the personal training. I have lost weight, body fat and feel better than ever. She is down to earth, fun to train with and her workouts are extremely challenging and better yet, you can see and feel the results. I would highly recommend her.
-Heather H.


I love working out with Linda. She’s encouraging, enthusiastic and knows exactly which areas we women want to work. Plus, when you know what great condition she’s in it is inspiring! Her fitness knowledge is extensive and she’s getting her Masters in Nutrition so she can help in that area too. Linda always makes the hard work fun!

-Beatriz R.

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I would recommend Linda Stephens as a personal trainer without any hesitation whatsoever. I have worked with her for over a year and can unequivocally attest to her enthusiasm, integrity and ability.

I don’t know if Linda means it when she says: “great job”, “excellent”, “you’re an animal”, “great work out”,- or if she says that to all of her victims,-but it works!!! She always makes me feel like I am doing well and making progress. Of course, that’s very important because we all need support and recognition in addition to seeing the obvious benefits. Linda is not just a woman athlete in great shape that decided to be a part time trainer. She is a real professional trainer in every sense of the word. She is educated in nutrition and physical training and really knows her stuff. She works me real hard but is always sensitive to pushing me too far. She always pushes me to add more weight or reps but will back off if I object. Of course, I rarely object because I’m afraid that she will beat me up!

-Ron M.

I’ve been coming to Infinity Fitness for a year and a half and have seen great results. Then I started personal training with Linda and have seen amazing results! Linda is so knowledgeable, motivating, and enthusiastic about what she does. I feel stronger, look more toned and lean, and feel better overall. Thank you Linda!

Elaine F.


New Canaan Personal Trainer

Perk provides a superior personal training experience focused on bottom-line results. I call Perk’s Program: Fat Burn Central!

-Ed M.

Perk’s training regimen is fluid but challenging. His supportive manner helps you identify your limits and then realize you can surpass them. With his help, I am simply healthier and happier. Not much more one could ask for.

-Hilary C.

Pat Campbell Darien Fitness Trainer